Author Visits

Readers, dreamers, writers and educators unite! I love engaging with audiences who share a penchant for the written word … and encouraging those who remain dubious of its wonders.

While my books (thus far) target middle grade and young adult audiences, my author presentations range from fourth-grade classroom visits to adult education forums, both in-person as well as virtual platforms.

An author whom I very much respect once told me that I “connect readers to the world.” Whether deserved praise or not, I found it to be an enormous compliment. I also feel a responsibility to honor that praise when crafting my presentations, especially for children in rural areas, where stories serve as windows to other places, peoples and ideas. (Also, it’s a lot of fun to tout an inflatable globe, a Samoan war club and a giant Chinese calligraphy brush made of horsehair wherever I go, and author visits provide a solid alibi.)

Would you like to arrange for an author presentation with me? Do you want to chat about ideas for an adult education session? Let’s connect! Please contact me at:

author(“at sign”)JLMcCreedy(dot)com

For educators and librarians interested in Author Visits for young readers to middle grade, I have included two links below:

Click here to download this handy-dandy brochure featuring J.L.McCreedy’s fairy tales and folklore presentations!

Click here for a virtual pre-recorded presentation with the Children’s Literacy Foundation on YouTube.